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About the Groomers Reference

The Groomers' Reference is an online reference created for the pet care profession by pet care professionals. As a tool, the Groomers' Reference is unparalleled. It is and always will be a work in progress, with new information being released daily. You will find a wealth of knowledge, compiled over decades, with illustrated guides for bathing, grooming and styling every AKC breed, including how to choose the right products, tools and equipment for every coat type.

"The Groomers Reference is a website all salons use daily to raise and maintain the standard in their salon and to create consistency in reference to basic trim style names and terms used in the world of grooming," says Vivian Nash, creator of the Groomers Reference. "The Groomers Reference is a brilliantly crafted, indispensable website that is of the utmost importance for so many in the grooming world: new groomers, experienced groomers, grooming schools, grooming contest judges and more. And the best part is the reference will be ongoing, eventually to include not only the AKC-registered breeds, but also the many others recognized by the FCI. Don’t just take my word for it, log on and judge for yourself!"

"The groomers reference has a massive amount of information about each breed, such as the correct way to trim the head, ears, body, feet and tail on all the AKC breeds. By placing this information in a sortable database for bathers, groomers and stylists to reference at a click of a mouse makes this the most educational website in our industry today," says Vivian Nash.

"The purpose for using these beautiful illustrations is to give the professional the ultimate visual as a reference to use for each and every breed. Even though they may never encounter such a perfect specimen, they can visually see the ultimate in expression, attitude and profile. This visual will allow every professional in this wonderful profession to achieve levels that they have never dreamed possible. says Vivian Nash, Owner of the Nash Academy and Co-Founder of the IJA, the International Association for Dog Grooming Competitions."
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