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Though the heart and soul of any salon is its people and their attitude toward the pets with which they work, their support system is their tools and safety gear. With the foundation philosophy of kindness, compassion and safety in place, the artistry and expertise of the salon's staff becomes of utmost significance, and your staff cannot carry out their artistry and expertise without the correct, state-of-the-art array of tools and safety gear. The topic of salon tools and safety gear for the pet and the professional covers a wide gamut of information. The maintenance of tools and equipment is an important part of any salon's professional image and appearance as well, as the best tools, left unmaintained and dirty, will not function properly, and will rightfully alienate clients.

The correct uses and applications of these tools, including maintenance, safety and professional image, will take your salon and your staff to the next level of artistry, expertise and safety for man and dog alike. From there, the sky's the limit in terms of achievement and success!
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