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Along with the expertise of excellent technical skills, the artistry in creating beautiful profiles, and the compassion for all animals, another factor that helps the professional achieve the ultimate beauty of the pet being bathed, groomed and styled is having a thorough knowledge of the products available on the market today. To properly take care of man's best friend, staying updated on the latest products allows the pet care professional to give the best in dental, ear, skin and coat care.

Using the right shampoos, conditioners and sprays, determined by the coat type, enhances the talent of all pet care professionals by helping to achieve the ultimate in skin and coat care. Today, however, shampoos, conditioners and sprays are just the beginning in overall pet care; the professional must be aware of all the ancillary products which not only transforms bathing, grooming and styling into art, but to take the professional to the next level in pet care.

A thorough knowledge of all these products, their uses, and how they should be applied to the different coat types will insure the creation of groomed dogs that are living works of art!
Pet Grooming Training