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How to Use the Search and Sort Page

The Groomers Reference gives you the ability to create a custom Search Results Table. Keep reading to learn how.

Customize your Search Results:

You can select multiple
Search Criteria from any category. Each selection will append a new Results Column to the Results Table.

The Search Results Table begins with two results columns – the breed list (which will always be the first column) and the AKC Groups (just to get you started).

The table accommodates 7 columns, including the Breed Column. Once you have filled all columns the last column will always be replaced with the latest Search Criteria selected thereafter.

Click on a breed at any time to go to that breed’s profile page.

The Results Columns:

To add a Results Column find the Search Criteria that you would like to see in your Results Table. Click once to see the Results Column appear on the table; click again to remove it.

Narrow Down Your Results:

You can filter your results by selecting any
Filter Criteria (breed attribute) in the Results Column to see only the breeds that share that attribute.

Filter Tag will appear above the Results Table to represent your selection; click the tag to remove it as a filter in order to revert to the columns original results.

Sort by Ascending or Descending

Click the
Header of a column to change the list order from Ascending (alphabetical order) to Descending (reverse alphabetical order); click again to revert.

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