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Brush Phase

About Brushing the Coat Type
To begin the brushing phase, the scruffy wire coat type is brushed, with the lay, utilizing a line brushing technique and a moisturizing spray to remove shedding coat and tangles. The coat is checked with a wide tooth comb, with the lay. Never use a comb with the teeth close together on scruffy wire coat types because it will remove too much undercoat. Leave as much undercoat as possible during the brushing phase and do not attempt to brush the coat out as straight as possible since this is a characteristic for this coat type when creating the show trim. For the pet trim, of course, remove more undercoat if required to help pet families maintain this coat between styling sessions.

To set the scruffy wire coat type for the finishing phase for the full coated head trim styles, the hair is brushed and then combed forward, against the lay, to build volume and to retain that scruffy appearance.

Breeds with a fall, mustache and beard, the coat is brushed and combed forward. In the case of the Dandie Dinmont, the coat that forms the mustache and beard is combed forward and the coat on the topknot is brushed and combed upward to create this signature head profile.

The coat on the jacket and legs can be combed against and with the lay, with a pin brush to set the coat and to maintain a scruffy appearance.

Brushing Technique Pet: Line Brush Long Coat; Comb Long Coat; Brush Short Coat; Comb Short Coat

Brushing Tools Pet: Comb; Pin Brush; Slicker Brush

Brushing Products: Moisturizing Spray

Brushing Direction: With Lay of Coat
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