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About the Coat Type
The short coat type naturally follows the contour of the dog's body and has a very visible coat growth direction but no coat growth pattern due to the length of the coat. In this type of coat you see a short top coat and hardly any undercoat. The remains of undercoat, if any exist, are found around the withers and the neck area and sometimes in front of the tail. In the breed standard, in the ideal situation, this type of coat is described as having no evidence of undercoat at all. The short coat type is determined, which means that it grows to a specific length and sheds in a block or band pattern.

Breed Example: Boxer

Trim Style: Naturally Short

Visible Coat Growth Direction: Yes

Coat Growth Pattern: No

Type of Coat Growth: Determined

Shedding Pattern: Block or Band

Coat Growth Terminology: None

Brushing Schedule: 2 Weeks

Bathing Schedule: 2 Weeks

Grooming Schedule: 6 Weeks

Styling Schedule: N/A
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