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Drying Phase

About Drying the Coat Type
For the show trim, this coat type can be air dried or the dog can be placed in a kennel dryer to maintain the unique characteristics of this coat type and allow for this coat to be shown at its best.

However in a salon situation, when creating a pet trim or when preparing a coat for a grooming competition, the coat is brushed dried or the high velocity dryer is used and the coat is brushed immediately after the drying procedure to straighten the coat so that you can achieve an even clipper or scissoring finish. Using thinning shears on this coat type is also recommended in order to achieve a more natural appearance.

Drying Technique Pet: Towel Dry; High Velocity Dry; Brush Dry; Kennel Dry

Drying Tools Pet: Towel; Moisture Magnets; Slicker Brush; Pin Brush

Drying Products: Moisturizing Spray

Drying Direction Head: With Lay of Coat

Drying Direction Jacket: With Lay of Coat

Drying Direction Legs: With Lay of Coat
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