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Brush Phase

About Brushing the Coat Type for the Finishing Phase
For the show trim, with the smooth coat type, maintain as much undercoat as possible and of course, for the pet trim, remove as much as possible. Begin by brushing the complete dog with a soft slicker brush, with the lay of coat, and then massage the coat with a hound glove. Begin at the neck and work toward the tail area to maintain healthy skin and remove shedding coat. With the smooth coat type, all technical procedures should be with the lay, never against the lay of coat, to maintain the smooth coated appearance.

Utilize a vacuuming system that has brushing tools attached to reduce the amount of hair from filtering throughout the room. This method makes clean up easier and helps reduce hair inhalation. If a vacuuming system is not available, utilize a face mask to prevent inhaling the hair and other

Brushing Technique Pet: Massage Short Coat

Brushing Tools Pet: Hound Glove; Rubber Brush

Brushing Products: NA

Brushing Direction: With Lay of Coat

Compare to Know the Difference
The brushing procedures on the breeds with the short coat type is the easiest out of the short, smooth, medium and Nordic coat types. The smooth requires more time than the short coat type due to the amount of undercoat and the deshedding procedures required. The medium smooth requires more time than the smooth and the Nordic requires the most time due to the length of coat, density of coat, the deshedding procedures and the amount of products that must be used during the brushing procedures.
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