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The fifth and final phase in the art of grooming and styling man's best friend is the finishing phase. All procedures that were started in the previous phases should be completed in this phase. This phase can be the most difficult if the previous phases are not performed correctly. Improper treatment of the coat by using the wrong products, tools and techniques will prevent you from achieving the ultimate finish. The finishing phase is the favorite of all phases for most professionals for many reasons. The pet is just about finished and he or she knows it! But for you, the groomer, your ability to express yourself via your craft to the best of your artistic ability is just beginning. Though all the phases of grooming demand creativity, in the finishing phase, you are freed from all of the constraints of preparation, and the dog becomes the canvas upon which you can "paint" your masterpiece.

The pads are clipped and the feet styled, depending upon the breed, coat type and the trim.

Nails are checked to make sure they are trimmed as short as possible.

The stomach, groin and under the tail area is completed by clippering, if applicable.

The eye area is cleaned and completed by clippering, plucking and thinning, if applicable. The area is treated for any skin irritation.

The ear is checked for cleanliness and a ventilation strip clipped if necessary. The ears are styled depending upon the breed, coat type and the trim.

Body - Legs - Feet
The coat is prepared for the finishing by brushing and combing, depending upon the coat type. A well-brushed dog radiates natural beauty; the coat will appear healthy, shiny and matt-free. Brushing is a very important technique in the art of grooming and styling dogs, regardless of the length of coat. The simple act of brushing not only frees the coat of debris, dust and tangles, it brings new life to a dull coat and completes the foundation for the finishing phase.

Depending upon the coat type and the type of trim, clippering, carding, scissoring, thinning and detail touch up by handstripping are techniques that may be applied for the finish.

Order of Procedures
The order of the procedures is determined by coat type and trim style.
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