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Drying Phase

About Drying the Coat Type
Drying the coat with this style is time consuming and demands careful attention. As much water as possible must be extracted from the coat with a moisture magnet, by gently squeezing the cords, and the dog may then be placed in the kennel dryer. It should be noted that, given the amount of time needed to bathe and dry the corded coat, dogs with this coat type should only be scheduled in the mornings for efficient functioning of the salon. In actuality, it may take as long as two days for the coat to dry completely, so owners must be made aware that they need to watch the dog carefully, avoid placing the dog in any drafty or cold situation, and avoid stressful situations, so that the dog doesn't become sick.

Drying Technique Pet: Towel Dry; Kennel Dry

Drying Tools Pet: Towel; Moisture Magnets

Drying Products: NA

Drying Direction Head: NA

Drying Direction Jacket: NA

Drying Direction Legs: NA
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