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Grooming Stools

Grooming stools are somewhat new in the industry, so if you ask a group of professionals who have been grooming for a while, some may tell you that it is impossible to sit and groom while others will tell you that it is a great stress relief for your legs and back to be able to sit for specific procedures.

Grooming stools are great to use in a salon that has adequate space to maneuver safely around the grooming and styling table. It is very difficult to complete all grooming procedures sitting down, especially on the larger dogs, but procedures such as clippering feet and pads can be accomplished with ease when sitting. The professional can also sit during procedures such as brushing, especially on larger breeds.
Grooming stools are available in various designs. Some have back rests and arms and others do not. The stools without back rests or arms allow the professional to have more freedom of arm movement. It is really up to the individual, the size pet that you are working on and of course, the space you have in your grooming station whether or not you choose to use a grooming stool.

Professional Image
Stools can create a very professional image in a salon if adequate space is available. If not, the area can appear very cluttered and the professional will not have adequate space to move around the table.

For safety, stools with wheels are easier to move around the pet or away from the pet if necessary. Sitting on a stool during grooming can place the professional in awkward positions, forcing the professional out of his/her safety zone. Caution must be taken at all times when utilizing a grooming stool or chair.

Grooming stations must have a place to store the stools when not in use. If not, the stool becomes a piece of equipment that hampers the professional from moving around the pet with ease and safety.

Sanitizing grooming stools is a must to keep a professional appearance.

Time Management
Utilizing grooming stools in a salon can add more time to grooming and styling each dog, or it may save time, depending upon the layout and how much the grooming stools are used during each grooming and styling. A lot of this depends upon whether or not the professional is used to using the grooming stool.

Grooming stools with wheels must have the wheels cleaned out on a regular basis. If not, the stool will not function properly and can pose as a safety issue because it can tip over.
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