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Bathing Phase

About Bathing the Coat Type
The broken coat type is bathed with a rub bathing technique to massage the skin and remove or loosen any stray hairs. A rubber brush works great on this coat type working with and against the lay of coat. A carding technique can also be applied with the lay of coat during the bathing procedures to assist in removing this loose hair.

The best time to apply this procedure is in the bathing station when the coat is wet to prevent the hair from flying all over the room. The other alternative is to utilize a clipper vacuuming system with a carding tool attachment to remove the coat if this procedure is utilized with a dry coat. Due to the sparse undercoat we have to be careful not to 'burn' the coat while carding. If the dog is being prepared for the show ring, of course the objective would be not to remove the undercoat.

*Dogs with the wire coat types are candidates to utilize the waterless shampoos, however, it take more time to achieve the same appearance as you do with the shorter coat types and of course much more product is required due to the length and density of the coat. The line brushing technique works best so that you are able to apply the product to the skin or the base of the hair and work your way outward toward the tips of the coat to achieve the best results.

*A sprinkling of this type of product, in a powder form, or a misting with a liquid form, utilizing the top brushing technique works great as a quick refresher and can be offered to your pet families with dogs with these coat types on a weekly schedule. A must for these pet families, especially around the holidays.

Bathing Technique: Rub Bathing

Bathing Tools: Rubber Brush; Hands

Bathing Products: Basic Cleaning Shampoo; Texturizing Shampoo

Bathing Direction: With Lay of Coat; Against Lay of Coat
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