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Bathing Phase

The second phase in grooming and styling man's best friend is the Bathing Phase. Proper bathing techniques and using the correct products are necessary in order to prepare a coat that is ready for finishing. Without a proper bath, the ultimate finish cannot be achieved. Certain procedures will start and finish within the Bathing Phase, while others that were started in the Prepping Phase will be continued in the Bathing Phase.

Gums and Teeth
The teeth and gums are examined, an oral hygiene treatment is applied and the teeth are brushed. Applying an oral treatment for the teeth and gums is a procedure that can be completed along with tooth brushing and is easiest if completed before the actual bathing.. A breath freshener may be applied after the toothbrushing. The care of the gums and teeth are started and completed in the Bathing Phase.

Cleaning the eye area begins in the Prep Phase and may have to be completed in the Bath Phase in order to remove all eye drainage. If the tearing has created a crusted mass that is dry and sticking to the hair and skin around the eye area, a warm wet cloth should be used during the bath phase to soak and soften the crusted mass.

The care of the eyes may be continued in the Finish Phase.

Ear cleaning is much easier in the bathing station than on the grooming table, especially if the dog has a lot of ear wax that has to be removed. The ears are cleaned using a cotton ball saturated with a liquid ear cleaner. Ear cleaning should be started and completed during the Bath Phase, however, dogs with excessive ear drainage may require additional ear cleaning during the finish phase.

Anal Glands
Expressing the anal glands during the bath is much easier with less clean up than on the grooming table. It is also much easier for the professional to wash his or her hands immediately after the procedures.

Expressing the anal glands is started and completed in the bathing phase.

The skin and coat are evaluated during the bathing phase and the proper products applied according to the coat type and the condition of the skin. The removal of dead coat is started in the prepping phase and is continued through almost all the phases, however, concentration during the bathing phase is a must. Tools such as a rubber brush may be used as well as a slicker brush along with your hands to assist in the removal of dead coat before the use of a high velocity dryer to remove the shedding coat that will not come out with other brushing tools.
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