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Drying Phase

About Drying the Coat Type
The main focus when drying this coat type is to keep the overall natural and scruffy appearance. This means that you should not try to achieve a slick and smooth appearance by removing as much undercoat as possible and trying to dry the coat as straight as possible. You must work mainly from head to tail, with the lay of coat, except for the furnishings on the head and legs, with your drying techniques. To create volume and a more scruffy appearance, the longer coat on the head and legs can be dried against the lay.

You can begin with the towel drying technique, followed with the high velocity dryer and then place the dog in a kennel dryer to complete the drying process or you may consider not using the high velocity to maintain the texture of the coat. You may choose to towel dry and use the stand dryer to brush the longer furnishing during the drying procedure, especially on the real heavy, dense coated breeds such as the Bouvier des Flandres and the Black Russian Terrier to assist in the overall trimming. For the show trim, you must be very careful not to remove too much undercoat and to create an overall.

Drying Technique Pet: Towel Dry; High Velocity Dry; Kennel Dry

Drying Tools Pet: Towel; Moisture Magnets; Slicker Brush; Pin Brush

Drying Products: Moisturizing Spray

Drying Direction Head: Against Lay of Coat

Drying Direction Jacket: With Lay of Coat

Drying Direction Legs: Against Lay of Coat
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