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High Velocity Dryers (Force Dryers)

A dryer that uses a narrow hose with a condenser at the end of the hose is called a high velocity dryer or a force dryer. The air is forced through the hose to the small opening of the condenser cone, creating a strong force of air. The maximum force of air flow can be applied to a particular area on the dog if the condenser cone is held very close. The force can be dissipated by holding the condenser cone farther away from the pet, or by using a condenser with a wider opening, which also allows the air to cover a much larger area on the pet.
Dryers that distribute the air through a larger opening do not and cannot provide the same force of air that is provided by high velocity dryers because the air is not being condensed through a small opening.
The airflow of the high velocity dryer qualifies it as the most efficient drying tool in the salon. The dryer is adaptable to a variety of coat types and has numerous uses including de-shedding and loosening matted coats.
High velocity dryers are available in a floor stand design, or in a box type design to rest on a shelf or on the floor.
Caution must be used when high velocity dryers are utilized in the bathing station. The force of air creates a whistling sound that frightens many pets. Remember, the first reaction of a frightened pet is to flee or fight. Pets with erect ears normally react more than pets with drop ears, simply because their ear design provides no means of buffering the sound.

Professional Image
The appearance of the high velocity dryer used at full force can be aggressive, especially on small dogs and pets with special needs. Care must be taken when using the high velocity dryer to insure safe and gentle handling.

This dryer is available with or without a heating element.

High velocity dryers without heating elements use room temperature air.
This dryer is available with or without the air flow adjuster.

The high velocity dryer has the strongest air flow of all dryers in the salon. It has the ability to force undercoat and matting away from the skin and to straighten curly, tight coats. The greatest feature of the dryer itself becomes the greatest safety issue. Just how much air force can you safely use on a dog?
High velocity dryers must have an adjustable temperature and air flow control to create safety for the dog. To use this dryer responsibly, the professional must understand the impact of the high velocity motor and take precautions to ensure the safety and well being of the pet.
The motor that drives the dryer is very loud and can be intimidating to the pet. If possible, relocate the dryer itself to the utility area and run PVC pipe to the drying area to carry the air flow, but reduce the noise.
The rapid air flow must be handled cautiously and is potentially objectiona
ble for
small dogs and dogs with special needs.

Emphasizing safety first, the professional must understand the various applications and techniques for responsible use of the high velocity dryer.
Never use the high velocity dryer for kennel drying. The dryer is not designed for this use. If the kennel is solid, the force of air causes a whirlwind effect in the kennel, creating a situation where it is difficult for the dog to breathe, especially breathing challenged pets.

The force dryer can be placed in various areas in the drying station and often times placed near the bathing station.

The high velocity dryers create the biggest challenge of all dryers in overall sanitation. The force of the air blows undercoat, dander and other debris from the coat. It sticks to the walls, tubs and any other surface in the area.
The long hose on the dryer is probably the most neglected piece of equipment in a salon. These hoses are usually dirty, crushed and wrapped with duct tape to patch the holes. To keep the hose clean, you can take it off and soak it in the tub overnight or wipe it off at the end of the day to maintain a professional appearance, and when the hose is full of holes, replace it rather than duct tape it.

Time Management
The high velocity dryer is the most efficient of all dryers. The force blows the water out of the coat, saving precious time in the drying process.

The force dryer must have filters cleaned, the hose replaced, and brushes replaced when needed.
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