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Custom Designed Bathing Stations

Many professionals prefer to design, or have designed, a custom bathing station.  Most of these systems have a metal stud frame with a water resistant substrate.  A wide variety of finishes are available to the professional including ceramic tile, granite, marble, and even marine grade paint. Tile products are available in many standard sizes ranging from a fraction of an inch to 24 inches square.

When designing a custom station, some choose to make the bathing station large enough for both the dog and the professional to stand in during the bathing procedures.  This design is great for bathing large dogs because the professional is able to walk around the pet with ease, and is often times used in boarding kennels.

Visual Example

Professional Image
Depending on the materials used, custom designed bathing stations can produce a very impressive look, creating a wonderful professional appearance.

One of the many advantages of a custom designed bathing station is the ability to make different heights for each bathing station to accommodate all size pets and all professionals. Eyehooks can be conveniently placed to secure all size pets.

When designing a custom bathing station, creating shelves to place products and tools allows for excellent organization.

Disinfecting these units depends on the materials selected, but typically can be accomplished simply by spraying disinfectant on the walls and rinsing.  The manufacturer of the material used for the surface of the custom unit can recommend cleaning products that are safe for that surface, as well as maintenance required for that surface.

Time Management
The ability to design a work station that has all the right tools in the right place also allows for excellent time management.

If tile is used, it typically requires grout lines.  The smaller the tile, the more grout lines and, therefore, the more cleaning and repair required to properly maintain the bathing station.  If the bathing station has seams or grout lines, inspect them regularly to insure they are clean and unbroken.  Broken seams and grout lines allow water to penetrate into the substrate and will eventually cause damage to the underlying structure.
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