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Bathing and Grooming by Coat Types

When you understand coat types, everything else makes sense. Coat type dictates what type of products, tools, equipment and technique to use, in order to properly prep, bathe, dry, brush and finish the dog. Knowledge of coat types allows the bather and groomer to be more efficient and the stylist to express his/her creativity in achieving the ultimate trim. This may sound too simple, but in fact, almost all tasks you do as a bather, groomer or stylist will depend on coat type. You should never be in a quandary as to how to bathe, groom and style a dog if you have a thorough understanding of coat types and what they require in the process of taking care of the coat on man's best friend.

Variations in coat types that affect what you do in prepping, bathing, drying, brushing and finishing phases are texture of topcoat, amount of undercoat, coat growth direction, determined or undetermined coat growth and coat growth pattern.

Texture and Amount of Undercoat
Type of coat determines the texture and amount of undercoat. Coat dictates type of shampoo, conditioner and rinse to use when bathing dog. Texture and undercoat determines what type of brushing and finishing sprays to use when preparing coat for styling and what type of tools to remove topcoat and undercoat.

Coat Growth Direction
Coat growth direction or the lay of coat dictates direction to apply technical skills. Bathing, drying, brushing, clippering, scissoring,thinning, handstripping and carding are applied with or against lay of coat.

Determined and Undetermined Coat Growth
Type of coat dictates determined or undetermined coat growth and type of techniques and tools to use as well as trim style. Determined coat growth is maintained by using brushing, carding and handstripping tools and techniques. Undetermined coat growth is maintained by using clippering, scissoring and thinning tools and techniques.

Coat Growth Patterns
Coat type dictates the type of coat growth pattern. Breeds with determined coat growth have a natural coat growth pattern enhanced by the stylists. This pattern is the result of hundreds of years of selective breeding by man. Dogs with undetermined coat growth have coat growth patterns that must be created by the stylists and have also been designed over the years by man.

As we delve further into the procedures in the art of bathing, grooming and styling, the importance of coat type will become exceedingly clear.
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