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About the Coat Type
On breeds with the hairless coat types you see no hair at all on the dog or you may see hair on the top of the head and neck area, on the front feet blending at the pastern, on the rear feet from the hocks down and on the tail. There is no coat growth direction or coat growth pattern on the dogs with no hair, however, the dogs with coat, we see a very visible hair growth pattern. The hairless coat type has the same coat texture as the drop coat type meaning that the hair is soft and silky and is considered as undetermined hair growth that sheds in a mosaic pattern.

Breed Example: Chinese Crested

Trim Style: Hairless

Visible Coat Growth Direction: Yes

Coat Growth Pattern: Yes

Type of Coat Growth: Undetermined

Shedding Pattern: Mosaic

Coat Growth Terminology: Head feathering; pastern and hock feathering

Brushing Schedule: 2 Weeks

Bathing Schedule: 2 Weeks

Grooming Schedule: 6 Weeks

Styling Schedule: 6 Weeks
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