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Pet ID Holders

Pets that are placed in a kennel for any amount of time in your salon must have their identification tickets with them at all times. Each task station should also have a place for the professional to post the pet ID ticket during the various phases of the grooming to prevent losing the identity of a pet. The pet ID holder should be placed in the following areas:
Grooming & Styling
Another option for a smaller salon where there are only a few team members and most of the task areas are combined, or if you are the only one in the salon, is to keep the pet identification ticket in your pocket when the pet is on the table and attach it to the kennel when the dog is placed in the kennel. Use a small waterproof envelope style container to keep in your pocket or hang it on your belt to keep the id ticket in to prevent it from getting damp and torn.

Formica covered ID holders come in various sizes that range from a 2"x3" to 3"x5" and are attached to the kennel with a screw. Another type holder is designed very much like a license plate holder that you see on a car. Another design is a basic clipboard attached to the surface of a cabinet or a wall, which works well for the bathing station, especially if force drying is utilized in the bathing area. Keep in mind, the bigger the clip, the more secure the ID ticket will be.

Visual Example

Professional Image
To maintain a professional image in the holding area, keep all pet ID tickets in excellent shape. Avoid placing stained, crinkled pieces of paper on the kennel. Create a system in your salon so that you can produce duplicate tickets with ease if the pet ID ticket is lost or stained and needs to be replaced.

Keep in mind when considering the material for the pet ID holder that some pets love to take the ID ticket and shred it and often times the ID holder gets in the way. Also consider ease of sanitizing when choosing the design and material.

Organize ID tickets on the same corner of each kennel so that the holding area appears more organized. Attempt to place all ID tickets in the same place at the bathing, grooming and styling stations to prevent searching for the holder.

No matter the material, the ID holders will have to be cleaned and sanitized on a routine basis. Use the proper product for the type of material of the ID holder.

Time Management
Placing ID holders at all the task areas in the salon saves the salon team lots of time searching for the ID ticket. Without a place to put the ticket, it ends up in your pocket, over your ear, or stuck someplace in the work station--or in the bath tub, or blown away by a dryer.

Check pet ID holders before each use and replace if broken.
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