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A washer and dryer in the salon are a must in order to operate an efficient grooming and styling business. Normally, a washer and dryer with basic features is all that is needed, though heavy duty appliances or extra-large appliances may save time and create more efficiency in your salon.


Visual Example

Washers and dryers are available in a side by side unit or a stackable unit.

Professional Image
To maintain a professional image keep towels in baskets or containers and the overall room organized.

The washer can be a total embarrassment and a safety issue to the entire salon team if not maintained properly. The rim inside of the washer collects lots of hair and if not cleaned on a weekly basis can create a foul odor and get so packed that it is impossible for the drum to turn.
Lack of maintenance can create the same situation with the dryer where the hair has collected on the filter and packed in the out take hose causing safety issues (fire) each time the unit is used.

A stackable washer and dryer unit takes less space in a salon, however, for many individuals, this design is not always the most preferred.

The washer must be sanitized on a weekly basis on the exterior to keep a clean and professional appearance. The interior of the washer must also be sanitized to prevent odors and to prevent repairs due to the hair build up on the inside.
Dryers must also be sanitized weekly and the out take hose checked to make sure that the hair is not packed preventing the hose from working properly.

Time Management
Without a wash and dryer it means taking loads of towels to the laundry mat at the end of the day and if you have had to do this for any length of time

The filter should be cleaned after each use due to the amount of hair that will collect in the drying towels and cleaning towels. Check filters and clean the inside of the washer and dryer and check the out take hose to assure that it is hooked up and that the hair has not gathered in it preventing the air to go through it.
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