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About the Coat Type
Although the corded coat is not really a coat type, but more of an appearance of a coat type, we feel that we need to address this coat's appearance. Some experts describe this type as a coat with excessive growth of undercoat, so that it "overgrows" the topcoat. We see two types of cords: one is more broad and flat, and is seen on the loose curly coat type, and the other is more round and evenly shaped and is seen on the tight curly coat type. To clarify further, the corded coat types are actually a variation of either the tight curly or the loose curly coat type, and are not really a distinct coat type.

Breed Example: Puli

Trim Style: Body Contour; Lion; Corded

Visible Coat Growth Direction: No

Coat Growth Pattern: No

Type of Coat Growth: Undetermined

Shedding Pattern: Mosaic

Coat Growth Terminology: Cords on head, ears, neck, body, legs, feet and tail.

Brushing Schedule: NA

Bathing Schedule: 4 - 6 - 8 Weeks (schedule optional)

Grooming Schedule: 4 - 6 - 8 Weeks (trim pads and clean ears - separate cords)

Styling Schedule: 8 Weeks (trim cords)
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