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Tables Introduction

The grooming and styling tables in the salon should be sturdy, and should be designed in such a way that they allow the professional to perform daily tasks with ease.  Factors to consider are:
The comfort and safety of the pet.
The comfort and safety of the professional.
The ease of use for the professional.
The maintenance of the table and surface.

There are three basic designs in tables:
Fold Out Tables
Hydraulic Tables
Electric Tables
The hydraulic and electric tables are the most desirable, because of the ease of height adjustment which allows for the professional to place the pet, regardless of its size, on the table without difficulty. The closer to the floor that the table lowers, the easier it will be to place larger dogs on the table, which allows for the professional to work in his/her safety zone.  The higher the table lifts, the easier it will be to place small dogs on the table without bending over, which also allows the professional to work in his/her safety zone. These features help maintain safety and professionalism, and, like more than adequate lighting, allow you to do the best possible job in creating a beautiful pet for your client.

Visual Example

Professional Image
Using hydraulic and electric tables allows the professional to create a much better professional image. Nothing is more unprofessional than to look into the grooming and styling area and seeing a groomer bending over so far to get to an area on the underside of the dog that it looks like he/she is standing on his/her head because of the use of a standard table.

Using a standard table places undue stress on the professional. The professional must lift heavy dogs to place them on a standard table and also places the larger breed at eye level or above creating a situation in which the dog feels much bigger than the professional, which can create a dangerous, dominant response in the dog toward the professional. The standard table also creates a different kind of difficulty for the professional grooming the small dog: the professional must bend and lean, risking stress and injury to back, neck and arms.

If hydraulic and electric tables are used in the salon, at break and lunch time and at the end of the day, adjust all tables to the same height and all grooming arms to the same height so that the overall styling area appears organized.

Tables with slick surfaces are preferred in terms of ease of sanitizing. Many manufacturers use very textured table tops to prevent the dog from slipping, however, the more textured the surface, the harder to clean. In fact, some table top surfaces are almost impossible to clean. If you choose a table with a slick surface, utilize a table mat to assist the pet, especially pets with special needs.

Time Management
Hydraulic and electric tables are wise choices in reference to time management because of the ease of being able to lower and raise the dog when necessary.

Weekly table maintenance schedules must be created by the salon to care for the equipment properly.
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