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Bathing Phase

About Bathing the Coat Type
The tight wire coat type is bathed using a massage technique with a rubber brush or your hands to clean the skin and coat and remove loose or stray hairs. The coat is worked with the lay on the body to maintain a tight jacket.

A carding technique is used, with the lay of coat, during the bathing process to assist in removing undercoat for the show trim. For the pet if a clippering technique has or will be used for the pet trim, and the coat has not been brushed or carded during the prepping phase, this is the ideal time to card the coat.

*Dogs with the wire coat types are candidates to utilize the waterless shampoos, however, it take more time to achieve the same appearance as you do with the shorter coat types and of course much more product is required due to the length and density of the coat. The line brushing technique works best so that you are able to apply the product to the skin or the base of the hair and work your way outward toward the tips of the coat to achieve the best results.

Waterless Shampoo
Dogs with the wire coat types are candidates to utilize the waterless shampoos and it is a great package to offer to this group of clients. Dogs can be wiped down and polished, smelling fresh and clean in a matter of minutes, creating an easy to maintain in-between bath procedure for all families with wire coated breeds.

Product Refreshers
Wire coated dogs are great candidates for refresher products for the skin and coat that are available in a liquid or a powder type form. A sprinkling or a misting with these products partnered with brushing the coat is a great service for pet families, especially around the holidays.

Bathing Technique: Massage Bathing

Bathing Tools: Rubber Brush; Hands

Bathing Products: Basic Cleaning Shampoo; Texturizing Conditioner; Texturizing Shampoo

Bathing Direction: With Lay of Coat
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