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A grooming salon is a service business, and the equipment in the salon allows it to offer the best possible service to its clients, guaranteeing return business. As well, a salon must insure the safety and well-being of pets, clients and staff, so that the ultimate in pet care and beautification and groomer artistry may be achieved without stress. The salon is a complex network of systems, much more than just a place where bathing, grooming and styling occurs. From the setting up of appointments and the keeping of records to insuring the comfort of a client waiting for his or her pet to be delivered, the equipment in the salon allows the functioning of the salon on all levels to move forward like a well-oiled machine.

The complexity of a fully functioning salon can never be underestimated. With all of the above equipment in place, the salon may focus on the business of creating a beautiful pet in safety, comfort and security.

Traffic Flow
The equipment necessary to a smoothly running salon includes:

Clipper Vacuum Systems
Hair Dryers
Shampoo Systems

Air Purification Systems
Central Vacuum Systems
Electrical Systems
Eye flushing stations for pet and professional
Fire Extinguishers
Heating and Air Conditioning
Internet Connections
Phone systems
Security systems
Smoke detector systems
Storage cabinets and utility carts
Surveillance cameras
Water purification
Office equipment
Washing machine and dryer

Flat screen television
Indoor pet potty
Outdoor pet potty

Professional Image




Time Management



Tools (old)


Supplies (old)

Supplies Grooming

Supplies Office

Supplies Cleaning



Air Purification Systems

Central Air & Heating Systems

Central Vacuum Systems

Clipper Vacuum Systems

Electrical System

Plumbing System


Internet Connections

Whether the student is opening his or her own salon, working in a salon, or managing a salon, he or she must have a knowledge of the tools and equipment necessary for the day to day functioning of the salon on all levels, that is, for the grooming and styling of pets, the sanitizing of the salon, and the safety of pets and staff. Among the tools and equipment the student must have a thoroughgoing knowledge of are brushes, deshedding tools, nail trimmers, hemostats, rakes, combs, stripping knives, clippers, blades, snap-on combs, scissors, and thinning shears, all for the actual grooming and styling of pets. In terms of safety and sanitation, the student must be familiar with wire cutters, towels, various leads, loops, collars, and other restraints, and protection for the staff's eyes, ears, nose and throat. This unit provides the student with all of this information, so that the student understands what goes into the day by day, minute by minute, safe and efficient functioning of a salon.
One of the fundamental bases of any salon is the equipment and tools you select to carry out, safely and expertly, the grooming and styling of dogs and the upkeep of the salon. To begin to understand how to furnish your salon, while keeping pets and staff safe, you must consider the following questions:
  • What are the tools and equipment necessary for the functioning of the ultimate pet grooming salon?
  • What brushes, deshedding tools, nail trimmers, hemostats, rakes, and combs do you need and why?
  • What stripping knives are necessary?
  • How do you choose clippers, blades and snap-on combs for your salon?
  • What scissors and thinning shears are necessary?
  • Why are wire cutters a necessity in every salon?
  • What types of towels do you need, and how should you organize them?
  • What tools and equipment do you need to provide the utmost in safety for both the pet and the professional?
  • What types of bathing safety gear is necessary in every salon?
When you know the answers to all of these questions, you will have fulfilled the objective of this course.
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