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Grooming Arms

The grooming arm is used to secure pets in the bathing station, on the drying table and on the grooming table. The grooming arm is attached to the grooming table. The pet is secured with a safety loop that is attached to the grooming arm.
The grooming arm and clamp must be cleaned and disinfected after each pet, and the grooming arm should always be used properly. The following steps describe the safest way to use the grooming arm:
Check the clamp that holds the grooming arm to the table to make sure the clamp and the grooming arm are secure.
Adjust the arm to the approximate height before placing the dog on the grooming table.
Place the dog on the table and adjust the safety loop properly.
Hook the safety loop to the grooming arm.
Adjust the grooming arm high enough so that there is very little slack in the safety loop. Tighten the adjuster on the grooming arm to maintain that position.

The arm is "L" shaped, made out of metal and is either bolted to the grooming table or attaches to the table with a clamp.

Visual Example

Professional Image
The overall design of the grooming arm can be very offensive to the pet family if not adjusted properly.  The arm and safety loop must be adjusted correctly to prevent the pet from appearing to be hanging from the arm.

To secure the pet safely, the adjustment around the neck and the tension of the safety loop to the grooming arm must be correct at all times. The adjustment around the neck must be snug enough so that the dog cannot back out of the loop, and must be placed along the jaw line. It should never be allowed to drop down around the throat. A good rule of thumb to use on all dogs, except for the dogs with special needs, is to be able to place two to three fingers under the loop. The loop must also be attached to the grooming arm with no slack but still allow the dog to stand comfortably.
Many grooming arms are attached with a clamp. With constant use, the screws that hold the clamp can work their way loose. The clamp must be checked before placing a dog on the table.

The grooming arm can be attached to the table and used several ways:
A single arm can be clamped at the end of the table where the front of the dog is placed.
A single arm can also be clamped on both ends of the table and used to secure a pet that has a tendency to constantly back off the table.
A single arm can be attached to either side of the table to secure the pet.

The grooming arm must be sanitized after each pet.

Time Management
A pet that is safely secured with a grooming arm allows the professional to complete the grooming and styling efficiently.

The hardware must be checked and maintained to insure that the arm is secured to the table.
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