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Drying Station

The drying station should be fully equipped with electrical outlets, and proximity to all types of dryers, so that the salon professional has all that he/she needs within arm's reach, and does not have to leave the dog to be dried to access various types of driers and products. It should also be equipped with the appropriate safety equipment for the professional--ear plugs, safety mask, and face mask, to protect you from the possibility of debris and hair flying out of the dog's coat during drying. Eye wash stations for both pets and humans should also be nearby, as the possibility of flying debris does exist.

Traffic Flow
The drying table is best situated so that the professional can move around the dog with ease, especially if he/she is using a high velocity dryer with a long hose. However, placing the table in the middle of the room so that you can move around it creates a situation where the dog can attempt or consider escape by jumping off the other side, making it a safety issue, especially if it is a very large dog. If the drying table is placed against the wall, the professional must dry one side of the dog and then the other. Placing the drying table against the wall creates excellent safety because the dog cannot attempt to jump off the other side and gives the professional more control. The surface of the wall must be easy to disinfect and clean if the table is placed against the wall because of the loose hair and dander that is blown out of the coat.

Professional Image
The fully equipped drying station with all your tools at your finger tips gives the salon a very professional image. In the drying area the biggest focus is cleaning up after using the high velocity dryer.

All safety gear for the professional should be stocked and ready at the drying station, to protect the professional's eyes, hearing and to guard against the possibility of respiratory illness for the professional.

Keeping the drying station organized is critical to prevent wasting time looking for tools and products that you will need during the drying process. Place a small shelf or cabinet near each station so that all necessary tools are within arms reach.

The drying station should be sanitized after each pet is dried, and sanitized fully at the end of the day.

Time Management
Time management in the drying room involves being prepared and using the right equipment. Preparation becomes very important: have your tools organized and ready so that you are not carrying a wet dog back and forth in the salon to gather your tools to dry the dog.

The drying station and drying area involve very heavy maintenance, due to the hair and the need to maintain the dryers to prevent incidents. Dryers must be maintained daily for optimum performance.


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