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Stand Dryers

The stand dryer design has been used for many years in the grooming profession. The dryer is mounted on a floor stand with wheels making it possible to move the dryer around the drying table to reach the dog from all angles. The dryer arm moves up and down to allow you to apply the air flow to any area on the dog. This design allows for the professional to keep one hand on the dog and brush with the other hand during the drying procedure. This dryer is excellent for drying dogs with curly coats or pets with special needs.

Professional Image
Stand dryers are available in various colors and materials to coordinate with all decorating schemes and give a very professional appearance. The interaction of the stand dryer with the pet and the professional gives one of the most professional appearances when drying a dog. The professional keeps one hand on the dog and brushes the coat with the other. Keeping one hand on the pet allows the professional to massage the pet during the entire drying procedure, encouraging good behavior on the part of man's best friend.

This dryer is available with or without a heating element. The dryers with no heating elements are the safest to use. The dryers with heating elements must be monitored at all times during use. The temperature must be constantly monitored along with the pet's skin to prevent skin irritation.
This dryer is available with or without the air flow adjuster. The stand dryer with the adjustable air flow is the safest to use, simply because the professional may slowly increase and decrease the flow of air. Dryers without the adjustable air flow can frighten the pet with the sudden burst of air.
The stand of the dryer can be a safety issue. Stand dryers tend to be top heavy and can tip over easily, especially when the wheels are full of hair and do not function properly.

The movement of the dryer arm is regulated by an adjuster knob. The adjuster knob can fail, causing the arm to fall on the pet during the drying session. Check adjuster knobs frequently. If the screw is worn, replace it before an incident occurs.
The arm of the dryer distributes the air flow on some stand dryers. If the dryer has a heating element, the arm can heat up, depending upon the type of material. If contact is made, injury is possible to the dog and the professional.

The mobility of the stand dryer allows it to be moved to various positions around the drying table. It is important to be able to freely move the stand dryer around the table.

The stand dryer is easy to sanitize except for cleaning the hair out of the wheels. Hemostats are a great tool for removing hair from the wheels.

Time Management
Due to the mobility of this type of dryer, the professional is able to move around the pet to adjust the airflow and brush the coat during the drying procedures.

The intake filter must be cleaned frequently to allow the dryer to function properly. If the intake filter is not cleaned frequently, the hair can collect on the heating element and catch on fire. The adjuster knob should be checked and replaced when needed. The wheels must be cleaned to allow for mobility and to prevent the dryer from tipping over.
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