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Modified Residential Fiberglass Bathing Tubs

Modified, pre-manufactured, residential fiberglass bathing tubs are used in many grooming salons and are considered one of the favorites due to the ease of cleaning.

These units come in a variety of sizes but typically measure around 60" X 34" and are modified by building a platform to raise the unit that allows the bather to work on the dog without leaning over. The units can also be placed at lower levels to allow the larger dog to jump in rather than be lifted. The best designs come as a one piece unit including a surround wall system that protects the substrate walls during the bathing procedure.

Visual Example

Professional Image
The one piece unit can be built-in so that there is no cleaning under the tubs. This space can be used to store shampoo or other products. This design creates a very professional appearance at all times in the bathing area, and utilizes valuable space well.

The one piece unit creates walls on all three sides of the bathing station, allowing only one location from which the pet has the opportunity to jump out.  Eye hooks can be placed at all heights to accommodate all size dogs. 

The fiberglass units can be placed in a row at different heights to accommodate all sizes of pets. Molded shelves are built in for all products and tools to be placed. This unit is a great piece of equipment for organization in the bathing station.

This unit can be easily cleaned and maintained by spraying disinfectant on the surround system, using a sponge mop to clean the surround system walls and then rinsing with the spray nozzle.

Time Management
The ease of cleaning this unit and the convenience of the molded shelves to place all products within arm's reach makes this piece a time saver for the professional.

The tub surface must be maintained by checking for nicks or hairline fractures and if any are found, they must be patched.
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