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Bathing Phase

About Bathing the Coat Type
Bathing the loose curly and the tight curly takes about the same amount of time and the same procedures are used whether you are creating a pet or a show trim.

The main focus when bathing this coat type is to maintain the loose and silky texture and to prevent matting the coat by using the wrong technique. Typically this coat type is delicate and therefore the need to be precise in your choices of products such as shampoos and conditioners is important to keep the unique structure of this coat.

A massage method is used to gently cleanse the skin and coat being careful not to tangle the longer coat. After the bath and the final rinse, the coat is brushed with the lay on the neck, body and legs to set this coat. The coat on the head is also brushed and/or combed to set the coat so that it is much easier to create the proper head trim style because you are not dealing with unruly hair on the head area.

Bathing Technique: Massage Bathing

Bathing Tools: Hands

Bathing Products: Basic Cleaning Shampoo; Conditioning Shampoo; Moisturizing (oil) Conditioner; Product Stabilizer; Repairing Conditioner

Bathing Direction: With Lay of Coat
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