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Drying Phase

About Drying the Coat Type
The broken coat type is easy to dry since there is hardly any coat. If you are working with this coat type and it has the smooth coat type appearance, it will take you slightly longer. The main focus when drying the short, smooth, medium smooth, Nordic, rough Nordic, rough and medium long coat types is the de-shedding process, whereas, with the broken coat type, that's reduced to removing only the stray loose hairs so you do not actively de-shed during the drying phase.

A towel drying method can be used and then the dog can be placed in the kennel dryer to prevent removing too much undercoat for the show trim. For the pet trim, a high velocity dryer can be used, with the lay of coat, after the towel drying to assist in removing the loose coat and then the dog can be placed in the kennel dryer. Due to this sparse coat, there is very little clean up required after drying this coat type.

Drying Technique Pet: Towel Dry; High Velocity Dry; Brush Dry; Kennel Dry

Drying Tools Pet: Towel; Moisture Magnets; Slicker Brush

Drying Products: NA

Drying Direction Head: With Lay of Coat

Drying Direction Jacket: With Lay of Coat

Drying Direction Legs: With Lay of Coat
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