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About the Coat Type
The textures of the drop coat type range from silky to coarse and have been described by expects as "long and flowing," and of all the coat types, resembles human hair the most. On the silky textured coats, there is very little difference between the topcoat and the undercoat. On the more coarse coats the difference between the top coat and the undercoat is more visible. Since there is hardly any undercoat, or none at all, the top coat has no lift, so the coat seems to drop along the body. There are no signs of the coat growth direction or a coat growth pattern due to the long coat. There are cowlicks, but they are only visible when this coat is trimmed very short. This coat type has undetermined hair growth and sheds randomly, in a mosaic shedding pattern.

Breed Example: Maltese

Trim Style: Full Coated Jacket; Body Contour; Long & Flowing; Lion

Visible Coat Growth Direction: No

Coat Growth Pattern: No

Type of Coat Growth: Undetermined

Shedding Pattern: Mosaic

Coat Growth Terminology: Long and flowing coat on head, ears, neck, body, legs, feet and tail.

Brushing Schedule: Daily

Bathing Schedule: Weekly

Grooming Schedule: 6 Weeks

Styling Schedule: 6 Weeks
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