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Brush Phase

About Brushing the Coat Type
The loose curly coat type should be brushed utilizing the line brushing technique after the drying phase, however we should not try to straighten the coat since this not characteristic for this coat type, however, when creating a pet trim and the pet families prefer a very neat appearance, drying the coat as straight as possible helps to achieve a neater overall finish that is often preferred with pet families with this coat type. The coat should be checked after the brushing with a wide tooth comb to assure that all the tangles and/or matts are removed before the finishing phase.

Brushing Technique Pet: Line Brush Long Coat; Comb Long Coat; Brush Short Coat; Comb Short Coat

Brushing Tools Pet: Comb; Slicker Brush

Brushing Products: Moisturizing Spray

Brushing Direction: With Lay of Coat
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