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Holding Area Storage Cabinet/Utility Cart

The holding area must have a place designated for all products, tools and equipment and must be organized by use:
Pet Products
Salon Team Products
Sanitation Products
Safety Products
Pet products and cleaning products should not be stored next to each other to prevent picking the wrong product and using it on a pet. Safety loops and safety leads must be readily available in the holding area. Place two hooks for the safety loops and safety leads near the holding room door or near the utility cart.

The storage container can be a cabinet, shelving unit or a utility cart. It must be large enough so that products can be separated.

Visual Example

Professional Image
The holding area is a place that must appear well organized and maintained at all times to keep a professional image. Pet families often walk back with their best friend and the salon team member to the holding area so it is critical that this area be maintained at all times and that the pets are comfortable with water and in the proper size kennel.

Always store water bowls and fresh water on the top shelf to prevent contaminating the water and bowls. Storing products on a top shelf creates a potential contamination problem if the product turns over and spills onto items on lower shelves.

Keeping a well organized holding area creates safety and efficiency simply because the tools and products are readily available.

The storage area must be cleaned and sanitized on a regular schedule to maintain sanitation.

Time Management
A very organized, stocked supply cabinet in the holding area creates excellent time management because the professional does not have to hunt for products, supplies and tools.

Stock the product and supplies storage cabinets daily. Create a schedule for this routine, whether it be in the morning or the afternoon, to make sure that it happens.
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