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Canine Fiberglass Bathing Tubs

The canine fiberglass bathing tubs are similar to residential tubs but designed especially for dogs.

The fiberglass unit is placed on a hydraulic base that allows the professional to raise it to different levels to accommodate the size of the dog.  Normally with this unit, the backside of the tub is not finished, requiring the tub to be placed against the wall.

Visual Example

Professional Image
The professional image of the one piece unit on a hydraulic base is unique and very impressive. This piece of equipment gives your salon a highly professional appearance.

The one piece tub unit surrounds all three sides of the bathing tub creating a safe place for the pet. Eye hooks are placed at different levels to accommodate all size dogs. Molded shelves allow for placing products and tools within arm's reach.

The one piece unit must be placed in an area that makes cleaning the base easy, to prevent having to crawl under the unit to get it cleaned and  sanitized.

This one piece design makes it very easy to sanitize the entire bathing system. The tub can be sanitized with a spray and rinsed. 

Time Management
When placed in an accessible location, the one piece unit is very easy to clean. Time is also saved due to the ability to lower the tub to place and remove large pets.

A fiberglass unit can be scratched by sharp objects and the force of a heavy object hitting the fiberglass can cause hairline fractures. Manufacturers offer repair and maintenance for this type of damage. The professional must call the manufacturer to find a local repair company to repair any damage.
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