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About the Coat Type
The medium long coat type is the same as the medium smooth coat but with a longer topcoat, creating a more visible coat growth direction and a more distinct coat growth pattern. The coat growth pattern is more obvious in the contrast between the short hair on the head and legs, and the longer coat on the body, legs and tail, creating a jacket with an upper and lower apron, skirt and trousers, with the longer coat forming feathering on the back of the front legs and from the hock down on the rear legs. The length of the hair on the top of the tail is typically the same as on the jacket, and the length of the hair underneath the tail is typically the same as the hair on the trousers. The medium long coat type sheds in a block and band pattern and demonstrates determined hair growth, meaning that the coat grows to a specific length on the jacket and lays flat, creating a smooth coated appearance, with the longer coat forming the apron, skirt, trousers and feathering. The length of the longer coat that forms the coat growth pattern on the medium long coat type is determined by the individual breed.

Breed Example: Golden Retriever

Trim Style: Silhouette Enhancement; Body Contour

Visible Coat Growth Direction: Yes

Coat Growth Pattern: Yes

Type of Coat Growth: Determined

Shedding Pattern: Block or Band

Coat Growth Terminology: Ear Feathering; Upper Apron; Lower Apron; Skirt; Leg Feathering; Tail Feathering

Brushing Schedule: 2 Weeks

Bathing Schedule: 2 Weeks

Grooming Schedule: 6 Weeks

Styling Schedule: 6 Weeks
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