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Brush Phase

About Brushing the Coat Type for the Finishing Phase
The short coat type is basically maintained with the rubber brush and hound glove. The coat is brushed with the rubber brush, with the lay, to remove shedding coat and then massaged with the hound glove during the brushing phase. The overall focus during the brushing phase for the pet trim is to remove as much loose coat as possible, whereas the undercoat is left for the show trim.

Avoid over-brushing the short coat types.
Never use tools such as a wire brush or carding tools utilizing #40 type blades which will cause skin irritation. Sensitive areas when brushing a short coated breed are the spine and legs. Hold the skin taunt when applying technical skills to prevent injury.

Brushing Technique Pet: Massage Short Coat

Brushing Tools Pet: Hound Glove; Rubber Brush

Brushing Products: NA

Brushing Direction: With Lay of Coat

Compare to Know the Difference
The brushing procedures on the breeds with the short coat type is the easiest out of the short, smooth, medium and Nordic coat types. The smooth requires more time than the short coat type due to the amount of undercoat and the deshedding procedures required. The medium smooth requires more time than the smooth and the Nordic requires the most time due to the length of coat, density of coat, the deshedding procedures and the amount of products that must be used during the brushing procedures.
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