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Nylon & Mesh Portable Kennels

This type of kennel is used by the pet families to secure their dogs at home, during car trips, and hotel stays. This kennel is also seen on the show circuit to secure pets; however, the pet must be monitored if it is used out of the house because the dog can chew out of the kennel.

Constructed of heavy duty nylon with mesh, these kennels are available in many different designs and sizes. A variety of colors are offered, allowing this kennel to fit into any salon's decor.

Visual Example

Professional Image
Nylon and mesh type kennels give a very professional and caring appearance because the material is soft and very comfortable for the pet.

They are soft, without sharp edges, and create good visibility with lots of ventilation. The biggest safety issue with this type of kennel is that the dogs can chew their way out of them. Dogs in these type kennels must be monitored at all times to prevent escape and possible nose to nose contact with other dogs if used in a salon, on the show circuit or other outings that create a situation where the dog can escape or is around other pets.

Full ventilation when used as a stand alone kennel. Placed side by side, moderate ventilation is likely.

Full visual when used as a stand alone kennel. Placed side by side, the only visual for the pet is through the kennel door.

Pet to Pet Contact
There is pet to pet contact when these kennels are placed side by side. Due to the material of the nylon mesh kennels, pets must be monitored at all times. If left unattended, a pet can create its own opening to visit the other pets in the salon.

Due to the design of the door, pets cannot get their mouths or teeth caught; however, they can chew through the door.

When placed side by side, the pets see each other and sometimes confront each other, including marking their territory.

The kennel is constructed of water resistant heavy duty nylon. When soiled, due to the mesh material on the sides, the entire kennel can be placed in the bathing tub and hosed down to remove all urine and fecal material.

Time Management
Nylon and mesh kennels may be used to hold pets temporarily, particularly on busy days when the holding area is full, but due to the difficulty in sanitation and the safety issues, nylon mesh kennels are not helpful in time management.

The nylon and mesh type kennels last for many years due to the durable material. To prevent damage by chewing, pets should be monitored at all times.
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