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Bathing Phase

About Bathing the Coat Type
Breeds with the Nordic coat type take more time than the short, smooth and medium smooth coat types during the bathing phase due to the more intensive deshedding process because of the length of coat and the amount of undercoat. The rub bathing technique using your hands and a rubber brush is utilized to massage the skin and clean the coat during the bathing procedure and to assist in removing shedding coat.

Carding the Coat During the Bathing Procedure
After rinsing the coat, a brushing and a carding technique can be applied with the lay of coat during the bathing procedures to also assist in removing undercoat. The best time to apply this procedure is when the coat is wet to prevent the dry coat from filtering all over the room. Keep in mind, if the dog is being prepared for the show ring, the objective is not to remove the undercoat during the bathing phase. If the dog is being prepared for a pet trim, the objective is to remove as much undercoat as possible with this coat type.

Waterless Shampoo
Dogs with the short, smooth, medium smooth and Nordic coat types are the best candidates to utilize the waterless shampoos. Dogs can be wiped down and polished, smelling fresh and clean in a matter of minutes, creating an easy to maintain in-between bath procedure for all families with short coated breeds. This is a great retail package to sell to this group of clients.

Bathing Technique: Rub Bathing

Bathing Tools: Rubber Brush; Hands

Bathing Products: Basic Cleaning Shampoo

Bathing Direction: With Lay of Coat; Against Lay of Coat

Compare to Know the Difference
The bathing procedures on the breeds with the short coat type is the easiest out of the short, smooth, medium and Nordic coat types. The smooth coat type requires more time than the short coat type due to the amount of undercoat and the deshedding procedures required. The medium smooth requires more time than the smooth and the Nordic requires the most time due to the length of coat, density of coat, the deshedding procedures and the amount of products that must be used during the bath.
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