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Water Bowls

Water bowls in the kennel are a must for the safety and health of the pet. If you discuss this topic with seasoned groomers, there may be some controversy on this topic simply because they believe the water bowls create a mess in the salon due to water spillage. Now and again, yes, you will find a surprise in the holding area with a puppy sporting a water bowl on top of his/her head, and of course there are puppies and dogs that like to sit in the water bowl, but overall, the pets enjoy the water, drink what they want and leave the rest. For the water bowl players, just put enough in so that they drink it and can't play in it. But the main issue is the health of the pet--a pet should never be left without water in a kennel.

Water bowls are available in lots of different materials and designs, but the best selection for the salon is the stainless steel because it can be sanitized, and the type that hooks from the kennel rungs.

Visual Example

Professional Image
Set up a schedule for checking and filling water bowls to keep man's best friend supplied with fresh water. Monitor the water bowls so that you can clean the ones that get messy to maintain a professional image.

Never use the water bowl or water pitcher for anything else but water.

Keep a pitcher of fresh water in the kennel area at all times for easy access.

Sanitize the water bowls after each pet and sanitize the water pitcher daily.

Time Management
Keep a fresh supply of water and clean bowls in the holding area at all times. To create the best time management, place the clean water bowls in the kennel in the morning and as each pet is placed in the kennel, fill the water bowl.

To insure the safety of the pet, check to make sure that the water bowl holder is secured on the door.
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