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Electric Tables

Electric tables adjust up and down, and some also rotate 360 degrees.  They are operated by a foot or hand pedal and have a power cord, so they require an electrical outlet, and are stationary.

Most electric tables have a scissor lift action to allow the table to lower close to the floor, which allows a larger breed to walk onto the surface.
Some electric tables have lighted tops to help get rid of shadows during the technical procedures. The lighting is a wonderful feature and very helpful in the grooming and styling process.  As a professional, you will never be able to appreciate and understand the difference between a solid and a lighted table top until you have the opportunity to groom on the lighted table top. Then you will realize that you absolutely must have one!
Color and Materials
Typically the entire table, except for the top, is made of metal which can be powder coated to any color.  Electric table tops can be ply or pressed wood covered with vinyl, stainless steel, Plexiglas or a tempered glass top. The stainless, Plexiglas and glass tops are the easiest to clean, but can be slippery, so consider using a safety mat with these surfaces.

Visual Example

Professional Image
The electric tables allow the pet to be raised and lowered to different heights, so the hardship of bending, kneeling or standing on a stool is never a necessity for the professional.

Electric tables are beneficial since they can raise and lower the pet, making it much safer to place and remove large dogs onto and from the table. They are safer as well for the professional, as they eliminate back and muscle strain caused by working at tables at improper heights.

Electric tables assist in maintaining an organized workstation with all tools and products within reach.

Use a vacuum to pick up loose hair, then follow up with a wipe-down with a sanitizing product that keeps the table clean and sanitary.

Time Management
Electric tables assist in time management because the professional can maneuver the dog up and down to work on different areas without standing on a stool or removing the pet from the table and placing it on the floor to groom and style. Both small and large breeds benefit from this, and can be groomed more efficiently with the electric table.

Follow manufacturers' directions for maintenance.  Place cords out of the flow of traffic to keep them in good shape and to keep staff and pets from tripping on them.  Screws, nuts and bolts must be checked for stability regularly.
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