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About the Coat Type
The smooth coat type has a visible coat growth direction and a slight coat growth pattern. The natural coat growth pattern is most obvious in the contrast between the shorter coat on the head and on the legs and the slightly longer coat on the body and tail creating the beginning of a very short front and rear frill and skirt. The length of the front and rear frill along with the skirt, although not much longer than the rest of the coat on the dog, is determined by the individual breed. As the name suggests, this coat type has a smooth appearance with the top coat being longer than the undercoat and laying flat, following the contour of the dog's body. The smooth coat type has determined hair growth and sheds in a block or band pattern.

Breed Example: Bloodhound

Trim Style: Naturally Smooth; Body Contour

Visible Coat Growth Direction: Yes

Coat Growth Pattern: Yes

Type of Coat Growth: Determined

Shedding Pattern: Block or Band

Coat Growth Terminology: Front Frill; Skirt; Rear Frill

Brushing Schedule: 2 Weeks

Bathing Schedule: 2 Weeks

Grooming Schedule: 6 Weeks

Styling Schedule: N/A
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