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Grooming Station

The grooming station is one of the most important locations in the salon because you must perform procedures safely and comfortably daily. The importance of having a well organized, well designed work station is critical to allow you to maintain your safety zone.

The grooming station must include safety measures for the pet being groomed. This means the grooming table must be stable and safe at all times, and the pet must be able to be safely secured on it.
The groomer needs adequate storage at the grooming station for all the tools that are used at each grooming, which includes brushes, scissors, shears, clippers, combs, etc. There must be adequate room for these to be arranged neatly and according to type of tool and size of tool, so that the groomer remains efficient while grooming.
There must be sufficient electrical outlets for all tools that need power.
There must, as well, be adequate room for the groomer to move around the grooming table; a mirror on the wall behind the grooming station, or included in the grooming station, enables the groomer to see all sides of the pet being groomed at once.
The station must have drawer space with dividers for blades, combs, scissors, brushes and other tools that are best stored lying flat. The interior should be durable and easy to clean. Tools such as scissors and brushes can be up to 10"-12" long, so the drawer must be deep.
The station should have enclosed cabinets to store cans and bottles of coat sprays and other products that are 8 to 12 inches in height.
The station must have counter space for the professional to place tools rather than on the grooming table. The tools may range from scissors to blades, so ample width and depth is critical. A narrow shelf creates an awkward and dangerous surface to lay tools down on and limits the type of tools.
A tall cabinet to store a broom, waste can and dust pan also creates a very usable and organized work space. Placing a "sweep plate," sometimes called a "kick plate," gives each station a central vacuum outlet to efficiently sweep hair into.
A clipper vacuuming system installed in each station collects most of the hair into a central vacuum system.
A small dryer can be incorporated into the station to touch up the ears on man's best friend after he has had a good drink of water while in his/her kennel.
Electrical outlets inside the cabinet are used to set adapters for cordless tools such as clippers and nail grinders.
Mirrors are used in the grooming and styling stations to assist the professional in overviewing profile, symmetry and balance. The mirrors create a more spacious appearance in a salon and allow for the professional to always quick check his/her facial expressions to prevent concentration frowns.

Visual Example

Professional Image
Creating and maintaining a professional image at your workstation means keeping it clean, sanitized, organized and no clutter.

Placement of the Table
Placing the table in a central location from the other components of the grooming station allows the groomer to walk all around the table while keeping one hand on the pet, so he or she can evaluate the in-progress work. The table should also be placed far enough from other tables so the professional may take a step back to assess his or her work without invading the space of another professional. Placing the tables far enough apart also prevents nose to nose contact between the pets. Aligning the tables in an order where the grooming posts are all on the same end of the table, and the dogs are all facing the same direction, also prevents nose to nose contact and allows for a safer work station, especially if space is an issue.
Safety Hooks
Eye hooks can be placed near the grooming station to provide the professional a place to tether the dog safely when the dog is not on the table. Eye hooks must be placed far enough apart from each other to prevent nose to nose contact.

It is important to have an outline of procedures for organizing the grooming stations. Cleaning products should be stored on a different shelf than products used on the pet to prevent grabbing the wrong product. Carefully laid out procedures which all staff members are aware of allows maintaining the grooming and styling stations as defined and keeps the stations supplied for the salon professionals. These procedures should be sufficient for maintenance of your grooming and styling station and should be designed around your salon's workflow. A member of the salon team should be responsible for evaluating all stations on a regular basis to insure that allĀ salon team membersĀ are following the defined procedures.

Sanitation cannot be addressed enough in a dog grooming and styling salon due to the nature of the business. To maintain a professional appearance in a salon, the workstations must be clean and organized at all times. A sanitation schedule should be created showing what task should be accomplished at what time to maintain good sanitation. The surfaces of the grooming station, particularly the grooming table, should be sanitized after each pet is completed.

Time Management
Creating a place for all products in the grooming and styling stations creates good time management. If all stations are organized the same, with the same products and tools on the same shelves and in the same drawers, every salon team member that uses the station will be familiar with the location of all products and tools. This creates not only good time management but creates a safer environment for the pet and the professional. A properly designed grooming station, with all tools correctly arranged by type and size, allows the groomer to be completely efficient during the grooming process.

The grooming station should be checked each morning, before the day's grooming is begun, to insure that all tools are in place and neatly arranged, the station is sanitary, the electrical outlets and electrical equipment is in good working order, and that all is in readiness for the day's work.
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