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Drying Phase

The third phase in the art of grooming and styling dogs is the Drying Phase. Of every technique practiced in this art, the technique of drying has the most dramatic effect on the finished appearance. Skillful drying adds texture and body to all coat types. Proper drying techniques not only straighten the coat but can also add the appearance of length and fullness.

The drying phase involves more than just drying the coat of man's best friend. The removal of dead coat that was started in the prep and continued in the bathing must be addressed again in this phase. The use of the high velocity dryer, the heating element dryer, along with other products and tools, are used during this phase to remove as much undercoat, dead coat and matted coat as possible. The type of dryer and the method used depends upon the health of the pet and the coat type. Tools used to remove undercoat and matting are also determined by the health, age, size and coat type of the dog.
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