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About the Coat Type
The broken coat type looks like the smooth coat type, which means that the coat follows the contour of the dog's body. The actual length of the hair on the body can vary from short to medium short, depending upon the breed. The topcoat is very harsh and brittle. The undercoat remains short and is never profuse. In some cases this coat type has no undercoat at all, like a short coat type. There is a visible coat growth direction, though nearly no coat growth pattern at all except for around the head, where there can be sparse furnishings forming eyebrows, moustache and beard, with a slight but visible frill and sparse furnishings on the legs and tail. The broken coat type is determined and sheds in a block or band pattern.

Breed Example: Ibizan Hound

Trim Style: Body Contour

Visible Coat Growth Direction: Yes

Coat Growth Pattern: Yes

Type of Coat Growth: Determined

Shedding Pattern: Block or Band

Coat Growth Terminology: Eybrows; Mustache; Beard; Leg Furnishings; Skirt

Brushing Schedule: Weekly

Bathing Schedule: 6 Weeks

Grooming Schedule: 6 Weeks

Styling Schedule: 6 Weeks
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