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Canine Stainless Steel Bathing Tubs

Canine stainless steel bathing tubs last forever, are an excellent investment and are available in several designs and sizes.

One of the most popular designs is the rectangular tub that sits on a frame. Units are available with a surround enclosure for ease of keeping walls clean and with cabinets underneath for storage. These units are very durable and easy to disinfect; however, if you choose the unit with the tub and the support frame only without the cabinets underneath, it is important to address how the unit will be cleaned and sanitized.  Many professionals choose to utilize both the surround enclosures and the cabinets underneath to prevent hair from gathering or you may decide to build in the stainless steel tub unit and create your own storage. Storage cabinets are also available to place over the tub for shampoos and other products and supplies needed for bathing man's best friend. Ramps are available to attach to the side of the unit for the dogs to walk up rather than you lifting them and some units have doors that you can open to allow the larger dogs to place their front feet on the tub and jump in rather than having to lift the dog. The ramp can also be attached at the door area on the tub so the dogs can walk right in.

Visual Example

Professional Image
Stainless steel always gives a professional impression due to its durability and the ability to keep it clean.  These tubs are available with a surrounding unit to help secure the pet to give a more professional and safer appearance.

The stainless steel tub is available with a surrounding unit to help secure the pet. Some units have bars built in that you can attach your safety loop to and others have eye hooks.

All products, supplies and tools must be organized and within arm's reach at the bathing station. Many of the stainless steel units are available with shelves or cabinets above the unit for easy access to products and equipment.

The stainless steel bathing tubs are very easy to sanitize due to the material; however, if the tub is on a frame, the area underneath can become very difficult to clean. Tubs with the three sided wall enclosures aid in sanitation by protecting the surrounding walls from splattered debris.

Time Management
Using a stainless steel bathing station is time saving because of the ease of cleaning the tub

Very little maintenance is required with a stainless steel tub other than cleaning the area below the tub.
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