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Kennel Drying Units

Kennel drying units are designed with the dryer built into the kennel. Most kennel drying units are solid on all sides including the kennel door, which is usually Plexiglas. Built in vents and fans create the ventilation. Some kennel dryers have heating elements and others do not. Kennel drying units are equipped with timers for safety and temperature monitoring systems.
Kennel drying units are available in a Formica type material or a powder coated galvanized steel.
Depending upon the material you choose, many colors are available to fit your decor.

Professional Image
The image of a kennel dryer can be very professional. If the unit has a Plexiglas door and the pet is frightened and attempts to scratch and paw at the door, the appearance can be unprofessional, so pets must be carefully monitored, especially first time groom pets that are not used to kennel dryers.

A safety issue in the kennel drying unit is the ventilation and temperature. The units are designed with vents to allow for room temperature air to circulate when the drying unit is turned off. Some units offer a fan that can run without the heating element turned on, to create cross ventilation. The safety issue with just the fan running is that the dryer is dependant upon the room temperature being cool enough to keep the pet comfortable.  In most salons, the drying area tends to heat up, creating a dangerous situation for the pet that is enclosed in the kennel unit. The body heat of the dog also raises the temperature inside the kennel. When using the kennel dryer with the heat turned on, it is imperative that the temperature is monitored at all times to prevent overheating of the dog. Pets must be carefully monitored at all times in the kennel dryer.
It is recommended that a smoke detector is installed inside the kennel where the motor is actually located, to alert the salon team in case of an electrical fire.

Dryers built into the kennel allow for a more organized work area since the built-in dryer allows the professional to avoid having dryers resting on shelves and on top of the kennels.

Kennel drying units are easy to clean due to the design and material.

Time Management
Kennel drying units are a time saver for the professional. The pet can be drying in a kennel dryer with monitoring, allowing the professional to complete other tasks during the drying process.

Dryers must be maintained to work efficiently and safely. Filters must be cleaned often. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for proper cleaning and maintenance of the unit. A drying kennel that has not had the filters cleaned can catch on fire due to the hair build up on the heating element.
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