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Shampoo Systems

There are several designs in shampoo dispensers available to the groomer today that save not only shampoo but also time. Years ago, the process was to save bottles that had a "squirt top" to use to apply the shampoo to the pet. The bottles were all lined up in the tub at the end of the day, and the diluted shampoo was poured into the bottles with a funnel. If you knocked one bottle over, the entire group of bottles would fall, just like in dominos, which could happen quite often, losing lots of shampoo.
The size of the salon and the number of dogs can help determine whether or not you need a shampoo system but basically the systems clean the coat better than what you are able to do with just your hands. The system penetrates the coat with the shampoo and then your hands do the rest of the job of massaging the skin and working the shampoo in the coat.

Today, there are much more efficient methods of dispensing shampoo in the modern salon. Some of the dispensers currently available include:
Stand Alone Air Compressor /Shampoo Only Dispenser
This type of system employs an air compressor to pump a selection of properly diluted shampoos and conditioners to the bathing station. Pressurized tanks with diluted shampoos and conditioners are placed near the tub or in a storage area or closet next to the bathing station. The tubing is run from the tanks to the tub where a dispenser is placed on the end. The professional has the option to readily choose the type of shampoo or coat conditioner necessary for the skin and coat type by choosing one of the color coded dispensers. Because the shampoo is under pressure it allows for you to spray hard to get areas such as under the legs.
Built in Air Compressor/Shampoo Only Dispenser
This shampoo system is a container with a built in compressor. The tank is filled with a specific amount of diluted shampoo and then filled with water. The system is turned on and the water and shampoo is mixed and then sprayed on the dog with a dispenser that has quite a bit of pressure, allowing the shampoo to penetrate through the thick coat, making this ideal for heavy coated dogs.
Gravity Fed Shampoo Only Dispenser
This design utilizes a rack that is installed over the bathing station, high enough to allow the shampoos and conditioners to flow by gravity. Individual containers, gallons of shampoo, are placed upside down with tubing and a dispenser readily available for the professional to use on the dog's coat. This system has no air compressor to house and maintain, but also typically does not deliver the product with the same pressure.
Mixer/Shampoo and Water Dispenser
This system uses water pressure to dispense properly diluted shampoos and conditioners to the bathing station and allows the professional to switch to rinsing with the simple turn of a dial. The shampoo is diluted and then stored in gallon containers that have tubing that lead to the tub where the mixer is attached. You turn the water and the shampoo mixture on together or you can use water only. The system comes with a nozzle that allows for some pressure but is not as strong as some of the other nozzles available on the market.

Visual Example

Professional Image
The shampoo systems are time saving, product saving and actually allow you to bathe the pet better, therefore creating a better job than your competitors that are still using the older systems.

Great care must be taken when using shampoo systems around the head area to prevent spraying the shampoo and water mixture into the eyes and nose due to the additional higher water pressure.

No matter where you organize the shampoo containers in the bathing room, if they are out in the open they will cause additional clean up at the end of the day, especially if the drying is conducted in the same area or room. The best choice is to store the containers in a cabinet next to or between the tubs to keep the shampoo containers free of hair. Remember that you will be pulling the containers in and out to fill, so make sure that you have easy access.
If several different types of shampoo and conditioners are hooked up to each bathing station or tub, you will end of with a separate piece of tubing for each. The tubing, however, can become tangled, causing the need to constantly untangle the tubing on a busy day.

Depending upon the type of design, the upkeep of a shampoo system can be very difficult. If the tanks or gallons are stored in the open near the bathing station, or anywhere in the bathing area, by the end of the day they are a mess and must be cleaned. Placing them in a cabinet or a closet, if possible, is the best choice because it saves sanitizing time.
If the system utilizes the small tubing, it gets dirty and stained and catches a lot of hair and the tubing requires cleaning on a regular schedule to maintain a professional image.
You must mix shampoo, conditioners and other products daily to prevent the products from going bad by separating or smelling sour. Shampoo containers or gallons that you use to mix the shampoo must be sanitized to prevent bacteria from growing in the containers, contaminating shampoo and other products that are placed on the dogs, causing severe skin disorders.

Time Management
Shampoo systems are excellent in creating good time management in the salon in that it takes less time to bathe the pet and less time preparing (mixing) the shampoo.

If tubing is used to run lines for the shampoo and/or water, the tubing must be flushed to keep the lines clean and unclogged. Often times the tubing clogs and you are not able to clear it, and then you have to replace the tubing. Finding the source of the problem can be very frustrating when a system utilizing the small tubing blocks or does not work. Pour hot water into a container and pull the water through the tubes to clean the tubes. Tubing must also be replaced if damaged. Daily cleaning of the containers that sit out in the open is a must to prevent hair build up.
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