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Folding Tables

Although not the table of choice for a professional salon, it is wise to keep one on hand as an extra table, because it can be stored and pulled out when needed. This is the table of choice for professional handlers to prepare their dogs at conformation shows and for groomers that travel to clients' homes to groom and style their pets.

Folding tables have stationary legs that attach to the table top. The legs then fold for storage or movement, making this table very easy to transport. Some tables have legs that can be adjusted to different heights.
The tops on folding tables are typically made of plywood or pressed wood covered with heavy duty, ribbed rubber to help secure the footing of the dog, or they may have a gritty vinyl surface to prevent the dog from slipping. The legs are usually made out of metal.
The typical color of the table top is black, with metal legs, however, there are other colors available.

Visual Example

Professional Image
The overall appearance of the folding table is very professional; however, when working on very large dogs, the professional must stand on a stool or remove the pet from the table to accomplish the grooming and styling.

The professional must always check the legs to make sure they are locked in position before placing a dog on the table. Because the table height does not adjust, professionals must bend to work on very small pets and must reach above their shoulders to groom the heads on large pets. When a large pet is placed on the table, the professional and the pet are more at risk due to the height of the dog the professional must work on. It would be very difficult for an individual to catch a large breed that attempts to jump from the table if startled.

When using a folding table, often times the professional has to remove a large pet from the table in order to complete the grooming.  All hand tools and products that are organized in the grooming station are no longer within arms' reach.

The vinyl covered table top with ribbing is very difficult to sanitize. The table finish that has a gritty type vinyl is not only hard to sanitize; it is almost impossible to get absolutely clean.

Time Management
Maneuvering the larger pet on a standard table to accomplish the grooming and styling will take more time than on an electric or hydraulic table.

Check the bolts and screws that hold the legs to the table top during maintenance checks. The black rubber coating that has been used for years can be cleaned and restored with Armor-All, or a similar product (typically used to clean automobile tires) which will condition and bring out the shine in the material.
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