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Formica Kennels

Formica kennels are used in many salons because of their professional appearance, flexibility of the kennel size and the ability to act as a stand alone kennel or a bank of kennels. The individual kennels or custom made banks of kennels can be placed throughout the salon.

Formica type kennels are available in many shapes, colors and sizes. Each kennel is solid on the top, bottom and all sides except for the door. The doors are normally made of metal spokes, and should be sturdy and made of a high quality metal.

Visual Example

Professional Image
The Formica kennels create a very attractive display in the holding area. They appear seamless and create a very finished look.

The kennel is solid on all sides except for the door which is typically made out of a metal. The door must be keep free of any object that would prevent the professional from safely monitoring the pet and blocking ventilation to the pet.

The only ventilation for a pet is the kennel door.


The only visual of the pet is through the kennel door.

Pet to Pet Contact
There is no pet to pet contact.

Due to the design of the door, it is possible for a pet to get its mouth or teeth caught on the door.

When stacked side by side, these kennels do not allow the pets to see each other or to have any physical contact.

Formica kennels are very easy to sanitize due to their smooth surface.

Time Management
Formica kennels assist in time management due to the ease of sanitizing.

The Formica is very durable and lasts for many years. The edges may show signs of wear because of chips or smaller strips of the Formica coming loose from the base. Loose strips can be glued back in place, but the kennel may have to be replaced if a significant amount of Formica is loose or if it has become worn out.
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