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Fabricated Metal Stationary Kennels

Kennels are available in powder coated galvanized steel. The kennels are stationary, designed to be placed in banks, and are available in various sizes and in many colors to coordinate with any decor.

The fabricated kennels are made of powder coated galvanized steel on the sides, top and bottom, with a mesh type door.

Visual Example

Professional Image
The overall appearance of fabricated metal kennels is very professional when placed in the holding area or room.

Due to the material and design of the kennel, if the overall finish is inferior, there may be sharp edges in the interior and exterior surface of the kennel. Care must be taken by the professional when cleaning the interior and exterior finish. The interior and exterior finish must be checked after assembly to insure that there are no sharp edges that could harm the pet or injure the professional.

The only ventilation for a pet is the kennel door.

The only visual of the pet is through the kennel door.

Pet to Pet Contact
There is no pet to pet contact.

Due to the design of the door, pets can get their mouths or teeth caught on the door.

The kennels are available in many sizes to accommodate any holding area.

The powder coated galvanized steel kennels are easy to sanitize.

Time Management
The fabricated metal kennels are a time saver for the professional due to the ease of sanitizing.

The fabricated metal kennels are easy to maintain. The interior seams have a waterproof caulk that must be maintained to prevent urine from entering.
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